Meet Our Team

Our team of negotiators and their support staff are without doubt the biggest single factor in our success. None of them have worked for any other estate agents before their current jobs, as we prefer to recruit really good people who come from a successful sales background. We then train them in estate agency and conveyancing. They all share certain abilities which make them particularly successful when it comes to finding the right bungalow for a particular buyer.

They actually listen to your requirements… they have an encyclopaedic knowledge of our property register and have a kind and caring manner, working tirelessly to find the right home for you.


John Nixon – Senior Partner

In 1992, having identified a need for a Bungalow Specialist estate agency in Bournemouth, my wife and I formed The Bungalow Centre to cater exclusively for those people wanting to buy and sell their bungalow, chalet or park home. Since then, the company has grown significantly and in 2009 we were able to help a record number of buyers to find their ideal bungalow. There is no separation between our personal beliefs and our business ethics, and we attempt to lead a spiritual life by treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves. This attitude seems to appeal to ever-increasing numbers of buyers and sellers. We have over the years recruited, with great care, a team of sales professionals who all share our attitude towards our clients and will go to great lengths to provide an exemplary service for all our clients.

Charlie Goddard – Negotiator

Having lived in Bournemouth for over 20 years, Charlie joined The Bungalow Centre in March 2015, following a long and successful career encompassing independent business networking and social media marketing. She had always wanted to be an estate agent and decided that now was the perfect time. She puts her sparkling personality, great ambition and superb sales and negotiation skills into good use every day and has become very popular with our clients.


Kim Nixon – Partner

Born and raised in Bournemouth, Kim is, and always has been, a local girl with an eternal love and loyalty for our town. Having qualified with a Quality Secretarial Certificate from the London Chamber of Commerce, Kim provides our office with essential clerical and administration support, and is very popular with our clients because of her cheerful and helpful attitude. Kim’s thoughts on the team are: “We really are like a big family and this attitude extends to our customers. Over the years we have met with plenty of success and a few hard times, but I can honestly say that we have never for one single moment regretted starting our company. The secret to our company’s success is largely the quality of our team, and it is these individuals who enable us to live the wonderful life that we enjoy”.

Gary Hudson – Branch Manager

Gary joined The Bungalow Centre in 2004, following a long and successful career in finance and international trading, and now oversees the many operations within our office with military precision. A thoroughly professional, ethical and trustworthy businessman, Gary says of his position with us: “I am very proud to be a part of such a well respected, established and successful company. We have an approach to buyers and sellers of properties that I feel would be almost impossible for any other company to match – in that we are not just another estate agent, but a group of sales professionals that also have a collective heart and conscience. The company richly deserves its good name and I look forward to playing my part in its future growth and success”.


Chris Meineck – Branch Manager

Chris, a self-confessed ‘workaholic’, has been at The Bungalow Centre since October 2009, originally specialising in the marketing of our properties but since having been promoted to becoming a Sales Negotiator and, more recently, Senior Negotiator, conducting viewings, agreeing and progressing sales, and valuing properties. Chris has an excellent knowledge of the local area, from the New Forest across to Wimborne and Poole. On his attitude towards work, Chris says: “Treat all clients like they are your friends and always be honest; talk in plain English terms, and always stick to your promises”.

Lisa Collom

Lisa joined The Bungalow Centre in early 2016 and immediately gained the respect and trust of her colleagues and clients. Lisa has had extensive personal experience of buying, selling, refurbishing and re-developing her own properties – and so has a wealth of experience to share with our clients. Lisa is arguably the best ‘listener’ in the business and takes real care and time to get to know her clients and their needs. Born in Bournemouth and now living in West Parley, Lisa has a rare and genuine desire to help people find the right property – and find the right buyers for our vendors. Instantly likeable – Lisa is an extremely valuable addition to our sales team. Anyone who deals with her will enjoy the peace of mind of being in good hands.


Suzanne Curtis

Having previously worked at The Bungalow Centre over 15 years ago, enjoying lucrative selling success, we welcomed Suzanne back to our Tuckton office in 2016, where she has re-gained her nickname ‘Dynamo’ thanks to her high energy, enthusiasm and self-motivation. London born and bred, Suzanne has now lived by the coast for over 20 years and, since then, has worked very hard to become an experienced, dedicated Sales Negotiator.

Sarah Pope

Sarah is truly a local girl, having lived in Bournemouth since she was 2 years old, and brings to The Bungalow Centre an excellent knowledge of this area, with its many attractions and amenities. Her calm, focused and helpful manner has proven to be greatly appreciated by clients. Sarah and her husband have 3 young children who attend local schools, and she can always be relied upon to give comprehensive advice to anyone looking to re-locate to this area.