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You have found a bungalow you would like to buy, through The Bungalow Centre.
So why should you choose UPSTAIRSDOWNSTAIRS as the agent to attract a buyer for your existing home; thereby enabling you to go ahead with moving in to your new Bungalow.

The benefits to you are:-

Save On Agents Fees
We ask for a lower commission when you sell through UPSTAIRSDOWNSTAIRS and buy a bungalow through The Bungalow Centre.

Reduced Stress
Buying and Selling via the same team is so much easier and more efficient. We go out of our way to “insulate” you from any stress.

You Remain in Control
You will have vastly improved communication and far more control over every aspect of your move; such as moving dates etc, as the same team would be handling your sale and your purchase.


Reduced Stress Buying & Selling


UPSTAIRSDOWNSTAIRS is a subsidiary of The Bungalow Centre

We have created the company as a result of many customers expressing their appreciation for the exceptional service they have experienced when choosing their bungalow through The Bungalow Centre . These same people wanted to benefit from this special service when selling their present home but they, of course, appreciated that as Specialists, we can only sell bungalows.

Our new agency UPSTAIRSDOWNSTAIRS now sells our customers’ Houses and Flats; thereby catering for this demand.


“Mr & Mrs Barry were delighted with the way in which we found a buyer for their house in Bournemouth.

They had chosen a bungalow to buy through The Bungalow Centre and we stepped in to attract a buyer for their lovely 3 bed house, through UpstairsDownstairs.”

“Over 93% of our customers said we have sold their property for a higher price than they had hoped for…”

Call Chris at Tuckton on 01202 232225 or Gary at Northbourne on 01202 582460

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Tuckton Office
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