In the Pink…Well done, Lisa


In the Pink…Well done, Lisa

Today, Mr and Mrs Pink, the buyers of a beautiful bungalow in Strathmore Road in Muscliffe, moved in to their new home.

To show their appreciation of the excellent service they’ve received from our team member, Lisa Collum (see photograph above), they were kind enough to bring Lisa a bottle of champagne, together with some lovely flowers.

Isn’t it nice to be appreciated… our Team members all work so hard to ease the path for our customers, whether buyers or sellers.

Thank you, Mr & Mrs Pink for your generosity… it means a great deal to us.

I have to say that this is not by any means a rare event as our customers often demonstrate their appreciation with a card or a small gift. It is this relationship with our customers that makes this one of the best of all jobs.

Few people who work in estate agency have the qualities that enable them to provide the exemplary level of service, which our customers value so much… if I were feeling boastful I would venture to say that the best negotiators already work for The Bungalow Centre.